ATTOKOUSSY / Morocco - Vienna


Zainab Andalibe (MA), Vooria Aria (A-IR), Abdessamad El Montassir (MA), Siegfried A. Fruhauf (A), Michal Glikson (AUS), Mohammed Laouli (MA), Leila Sadel (MA), Maria Seifert (A)

curated by Elisabeth Piskernik and Gabrielle Camuset, Le Cube / Rabat

Morocco: September 4 - 17, 2017

Vienna: November 16 - December 23, 2017

"Attokoussy" is an art and collective research projectthat opens a space of reflection and expression on rites and superstitions in Morocco.

In every culture, every social class, every geographical space and every epoch, even the most contemporary, superstitions and rites exist. As a sign of luck or misfortune, these customs defy time, vary according to cultures and religions, and their origins remain for most part unknown.

The presence of these stories and signs, inherent in all the regions of the world, is particularly strong in mores and daily life in Morocco. Orally transmitted these practices constitute a rich intangible cultural heritage and are constantly deployed in the collective unconscious in Morocco. These traditions also highlight the richness of knowledge and know-how given from one generation to another; they also constitute a rich social value for every citizen.

On the other hand it is interesting to note that rites and superstitions have persisted in the heterogeneous geopolitical times that have molded the country: the protectorate, the Years of Lead, the Arab spring. In the context of a Morocco post-Arab spring superstitions are also the tools through which dreams, hopes, desires are expressed, and through which forms of resistance are set up.

Based on these observations Le Cube - independent art room wishes to invite four Moroccan artists to reflect together on issues related to superstitions and rituals, in order to deploy endogenous and contemporary thoughts on these subjects. This project sprang from a need to propose new visions on these themes discussed and folklorized by European anthropologists for a long time. The project also includes the collaboration with two Kurdish artists. The confrontation of the research, experiences and visions of Moroccan artists with those of Kurdish artists will give a new scope and new directions of reflection to the projects.

you can download the catalogue including more information about the project and the single artists here

Installation views / Hinterland, Vienna

Photos: Jakob Lindner

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ExhibitionValentin Häckl