Jan 28 - Feb 20, 2016

Studio 51 is a collaborative project between filmmaker Bahar Samadi & visual artist and architect Navid Salajegheh since 2014. The main theme of their projects is recycling and re-employing pre-existing or found and often anonymous footages, textual and visual materials. Studio 51 attempts to rewrite and process these toward various extended mediums from moving image to per- formance and from installation to painting. Constructing a series of micro narratives, which re-appear in alternati- ve time and space.

In „Winterreise“, a found Object - here a slide - becomes the departure point for the carefully constructed pieces in this exhibition, drifting across them smoothly to questi- on this very image over and over again: a film, a painting and a machine are floating elements in a simple Mise- en-scène, offering parallel imaginations side by side.

Amirali Ghasemi in conversation with Studio 51: Bahar Samadi and Navid Salajegheh
January 28, 2016 6:30pm

Since 2014, experimental filmmaker Bahar Samadi and architect/ visual artist Navid Salajegheh, have been wor- king together and ran «Studio 51». The curator Amirali Ghasemi will talk with them about their work.

The talk will be in English.

Installation views

Photos: Jakob Lindner

ExhibitionValentin Häckl