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Stimmen aus Teheran

Thursday, December 13, 2018 7pm

Art historian Hannah Jacobi will introduce her book and its context in conversation with Gudrun Wallenböck. The talk will be in English or German, depending on the audience. 

What does it mean to be an artist in Tehran and Iran today? How did contemporary art and the art scene in Tehran evolve? And how does the Iranian metropolis influence artists and their artworks? The book Stimmen aus Teheran. Interviews zur zeitgenössischen Kunst im Iran (Voices from Tehran. Interviews on contemporary art in Iran) (Edition Faust 2017) introduces the art scene in Tehran through a variety of perspectives and approaches, giving voice to its local actors. Over the course of eighteen interviews, artists and theorists, curators and gallerists in Tehran speak about their work and the conditions of art production, adding to a particular narrative on contemporary art in Iran. They shed light on artistic approaches, on modes of operation in the art field, discuss their own art, and show how the socio-political environment in Iran influences local artistic work.