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Halida Boughriet, Sharzad Changvalaee, Fatoş Irwen, Simin Keramati, Tahmineh Monzavi, Balqis al ́Rashid, Dilan Cudi Saruhan, Nil Yalter, Arzu Yayıntaş

January 25 - March 24, 2018

Every person should have the exclusive right to dispose of their body as they wish. The body should be an untouchable personal zone. But power structures of a governmental or religious nature as well as certain social notions do restrict this right.

By showing different self-representations of artists who claim their right over their body the exhibition at hinterland intends to draw the attention of the general public
to nine women from the region of the so called Near and Middle East who refuse forms of heteronomy and use video as their medium. The ways in which they put their protest into practice vary from intentionally breaking taboos, counteracting stereotypes by reversing the con- ventional gaze on ‘the other’, making mental pain visible on their body, to the claim of the public space by their cor- poreal presence. However, all nine collected artistic positions speak up for the need for representations of the self instead of the other in order to replace generalisations.

Installation views

Photos: Jakob Lindner

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ExhibitionValentin Häckl