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ME AS A MOVABLE OBJECT. The Terror of Total Dasein

April 12 - May 19, 2018

ME AS A MOVABLE OBJECT is a show by Yarden Daher, a Syrian architect, activist and curator who is telling his own story with his own words.

Yarden came to Austria in 2015, crossing many borders and the Mediterranean Sea, but most of all - as a trans-person - he also crossed a lot of individual, inner borders into a new life. Yarden went on a quest not only for survival but also for a new life and a newly expressed version of himself.

Yarden is telling a compelling story about himself travelling all over the Middle East and across the Balkans into a new Austrian life, which has been denied for him, as he recently got a deportation order (following the rules of Dublin III). Many voices have been silenced by deportations - while Yarden might not be in Austria anymore during the opening of this exhibition, he expplicitly wishes, that his voice remains to tell a story of an atrocity of European dimension happening every other day right in our middle.

By doing this, Yarden remains the sole narrator of his story, a story that does not end with deportation as it did not begin with his flight from Syria.

curated, written and spoken by Yarden Daher

curatorial support by Niko Wahl