How it all began…

It all started in 2011 with the idea to use the space in front of the gallery as an open space. Until then there were only cars – parked ones – and we, the ones working behind these cars – would have liked to use the space in a better way. So we just put some chairs outside and a rubber boat as a “swimming pool”. This did not last long, a neighbor came and called the police as this was a parking and not a free space to use... so for the next year we (feinedinge and hinterland) wanted to get a permission to use this parking space for people instead of cars. And then the rally began. It took us 8 months (of discussions and meetings etc.) to get a (paid) permission to use a small space in front of our doors. And so in July 2012 we could open our first Krongarten (as the garden is in Krongasse, we called it Krongarten). We used lots of wooden crates as fence planted full of flowers and vegetables and we constructed a lawn (3 tons of soil and laid turf). Our first Krongarten was ready. And the problems started, but also the joy and happiness of having a public garden instead of parking spaces.

We had several “green” gardens designed until 2014, urban gardening became fashionable – but the gardening was not our main idea. The main idea was to use parking space as public space. To create oasis of communication, where people can meet and talk without consummation. In 2015 we started to invite artists to create a “walkable” sculpture: an open space that can be used by everyone. Since then each year different artists work with the topic to create a piece of art that can be used as well.

Since the beginning the Krongarten is not only used as a public space, but also for concert, talks, dinners, lunches, ... a real oasis for communication, meetings etc.



In front of Krongasse 20

From May 1 to September 30 each year

In 2019 three young designers from Vorarlberg - Lucas Schmid, Lukas Weithas and Sebastian von der Thannen - take over with a sculpture dealing with the notion of nature in politics and in public urban space.

In 2018 we (the great hinterland team) used the old wooden slats to create a platform on our own and invited the Phool Patti Truck Artists from Karachi, Pakistan to create a Truck Artist Krongarten. For their first time they´ve been painting on a floor, and they have brought lot of their Pakistani heritage to Vienna: typical forms of flowers and birds, as well as landscapes and their own Welcome feeling. An intercultural meeting space was being opened in the presence of the Ambassador of Pakistan Ayesha Riaz and the Truck Artists.

In 2017 we invited David Moises to find an idea and he immediately sorted out his hundreds of pairs of old skis to create a “traditional Austrian” garden – a platform full of skis from the 80ies – a delight for all Austrian Ski lovers, accurately put next to each other, surrounded by hundreds of pairs of sticks as a fence. A colorful reminder of the old times and also winter!

In 2016 Vooria Aria created a delicate sculpture with stairs on each end where people could sit and chat and think about the light changing of colors from grass green to black. A decent reminder of our behavior towards nature and life and death. And the artist even thought of parking spaces for bikes – what a relief in a street full of cars.

In 2015 Andreas Strauss was working with lots of raw wood, the garden should look like huge wood slats being piled up in front of a saw mill. A wonderful natural landscape was created, and a huge fig tree in between – to get some natural shade.