June 23, 2017


official opening Krongarten 2017

DAVID MOISES created Krongarten 2017: a small winterly skiing garden in the middle of the summer in the city. a place to meet and to recreate.


concert »Café Kus Kus«
Gizem Kuş: vocals
Bilge Kaan Kuş: fretless guitar, guitar
David Doblhofer: bass
Niki Gehrer: drums
Christopher Haritzer: clarinet, accordion

and much more

exhibition Renald Deppe: „mittelinteressante Ideen & denkdünnes Federspiel“

Presentation of the new Magazin: PORTRAIT


Our Krongarten 2017 was realized with support of Bezirk Margareten and Grätzloase!

Opening: June 23, 2017 5pm Ends: June 23, 10pm Artists: David Moises, Cafe KusKus und viele mehr....