KRONGARTEN After months of discussions with public authorities we were 2012 finally able to open the first URBAN FARM in Vienna: 1,5 parking spaces were turned into a garden. Since then our KRONGARDEN* (the names derives from the street name: Krongasse – Crownstreet: so we have the Crowngarden) opens every year from May 1. to September 30. Greenspace among Parkingspace, an oasis in the middle of the traffic, a place of silence, repose, gathering, nature and art. During our temporary gardentime there will be again an extraordinary programme: our priority: participation The Garten as meeting point, a point of communication, a place of participation, of art, of nature. An oasis in the middle of the city. A place to think about our relation to nature and urbanism, to parking spaces and recreational spaces. A new get together, new cooperations, new attitude towards life. Green reigns over cars, The Return to nature and pleasure: the original taste of real „naturalgrown“ food, the observation of the growing process, the care and maintenance, the enjoyment in the sun: all this joy and excitement will be back at the first URBAN FARM in Vienna. Partner of ChelseaFringe Festival 2013 and 2014. AWARDS 2012: CITY FARMER AWARD 2013: ELLA Erfolgsprojekt. More info: und FACEBOOK/KRONGARTEN