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Tehran, the capital of Iran, city of lies, city of dreams, city of pollution, city of high-risers, the reflection of an urban nightmare… people living here hate the city as much as they love it. Outside of Iran no one really knows what there is to expect. With this exhibition we (2 curators – 2 points of views: one insider, one outsider) try to capture this melting point by different artists views: in photography, film, video the visitors get a first hand experience about its history, its charm, its diverse aspects.

Different aspects of life, miscallenous points of view from young and old, from everyone who wanted to respect her/his love and/oder hate to this strange city will be presented on a large projection, so that visitors will get a glimpse of everyday life from the city directly from its inhabitants, from YOU!. We would like to show very personal insights to this metropolis.

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The photos will be shown in the exhibition in Vienna / Austria, during Vienna Art Week 2018.

از تهران با عشق
تهران ..پایتخت ایران…شهر زیباییها.. شهر آرزوها …شهر دروغ ها..شهر پر ترافیک…شهر هوا آلوده… در خارج از ایران کمتر کسی تصویری از این شهر را دارد..
با یک عکس، تهران خودتان را معرفی کنید… نمایش به صورت بازتاب روی دیوار ،در گالری در شهر وین در هفته هنر وین…
فقط تا ۱۰ آبان وقت دارید…

🗓️ Entries possible until 30. October 2018 HERE