ICARCH Architecture Festival

From August 1-31, hinterland gallery will be transformed into a space for architecture. The ICARCH Architecture Festival takes place for one whole month. Chicago-based architect Dan Iona Coma is travelling with his students to Vienna. It consists of three parts, which take place daily – an exhibition, lecture and discussion. It is open for everyone who is interested.

Each evening is dedicated to a different architectural focus, e.g. different artists, architectures or eras. The shown works, which have been collected for 15 years, will be presented for the first time in a festival and are used as an input for an intensive debate on the matter of architecture. In addition, content links and connections to the Vienna Biennial 2017, which takes place at the same time, are produced.


Biography: Dan Iona Coma lives and works in Evanston, Chicago. He has been the founder of art and architectural gallery ICARCH. Coma has already taught at UAUIM, The University of Architecture and Urbanism “Ion Mincu” in Bucharest and has worked as architect in New York.


Events and dates:

01 August, 19:00 Opening

31st August, 19:00 Finissage and Closing Event

From 01 – 31 August daily from 19:00: Exhibition, Workshop and Discussion

Opening: August 1, 2017 7pm Ends: August 31, 2017 7pm Dates: Daily, 7pm