Michal Glikson: The Australindopak Archive

Opening: September 6, 2017, 7pm

The artist will be present

Michal Glikson has been exploring peripatetic art practice with a focus on painting as a means of negotiating cross-cultural experience and the uncertainty of transitional life since 2006.

I have long been fascinated with painting as a way of looking at the world, of reaching out to and connecting with others. My work springs from my deep curiosity about journeys, particularly their potential for bringing me into encounters with the world, and placing me in proximity to its pressing issues and concerns.

The Australindopak Archive is a series of scroll paintings that chronicle the artists’ immersive journeys in Australia, India and Pakistan between 2012 and 2015. The paintings offer her lived experiences of peripatetic life and a plethora of experiences and encounters with extra/ordinary people

Carried by the artist during her journeys, the scroll paintings became key research spaces for the artists’ practice-led research of painting. This singular body of work and its paintings embody technical and cultural fusion whereby painting became the means by which the artist made sense of each new context and encounter. The paintings in the scrolls of the Australindopak Archive utilise a metaphoric fusion of styles and techniques of painting and drawing, notably Persian miniature, life portraiture and insitu drawing, marbling, collage, and papercut. Brought together for the purposes of storytelling, the scrolls become a means of accounting for and sharing the abiding experiences and encounters yielded by travel and nomadic life.

Like scrapbooks or photograph albums, in the presence of the artist the scroll becomes a social instrument, a vehicle for storytelling. In this way the artist shares her experiences with viewers through intimate, informal, and Sheherazade-like performances that narrate the stories of the paintings.

Under the auspices of the Australian Ambassador to Austria, H.E. Dr. Brendon Hammer

Opening: September 6, 7pm Ends: October 7, 2017 Artists: Michal Glikson holds a combined degree in fine arts and politics from the Australian National University and holds a degree in Theatre, and a Master’s degree in Fine Art from the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, India. In 2017 she completed her PhD that focused on practice-led research of painting from the Australian National University. Michal has taught at the National College of Art Lahore, Beaconhouse University Lahore, Viswa Bharati University of Santiniketan, and The Australian National University. Her scrolls have been exhibited in multiple countries including Charles Melville’s Contemporary Responses to the Shahnemeh (London, Paris, Dubai 2010) and the First Indonesian Triennale (2013). Her most recent work involved a series of journeys conducted over three years for her PhD project Towards a peripatetic practice: negotiating journey through painting. In 2017 Michal was awarded an EASS Materials Grant from the ANU to develop the Australind Archive into a virtual tour integrating the scroll paintings with forty documentary films and seventy sound compositions generated by her PhD project, for online audiences. This tour is presently available for live streaming as part of the Australindopak Archive at